What will my wedding cost? Wedding Tips

It is no secret that they average cost of a wedding is on the rise. While planning your wedding, you may want to keep in mind the average costs for items so you know how you are doing. The Knot did a major wedding survey in 2010 and found the following average costs: 2010 Average […]

Wedding Venues – Holland Park West

This is a wonderful venue. The grounds are gorgeous and it is well suited for weddings. The food was amazing everything was pleasing to the eye, and it tasted as good as it looked. Their is one negative aspect to this wedding venue however. They are situated near homes close by to their property. Because […]

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A few days ago, I was looking through the App Store on my iPhone because I wanted to see what type of wedding apps they had to offer. One thing I noticed was there was only one app I could find about wedding venues and it was…

Wedding lighting can really enhance your reception! Make it and elegant Fresno Wedding!

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Brooke is our office manager, so of course we had to go all out for her wedding! Brooke and Wade are the sweetest couple, and we love them very much. So we wanted to make sure everything was perfect for their special day! They had their reception for…

Wedding etiquette tips!

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I’ve been to many weddings. I’ve been a guest, I’ve been a bridesmaid and I’ve been a co-ordinator. I have seen many awkward moments that could have been avoided if guests had a little more tact. Below is a list of some things that guests can do to assist…

Finding a great venue!

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A photo of my venue taken by Lauren Fair Photography. I knew I may want to hang decorations from the ceiling so I made sure to ask before I signed the contract! This post is part 2 in a series on finding the perfect(ish) wedding venue – particularly less…

The right ceremony music for your Fresno and Clovis wedding!

Choosing the right ceremony music for you wedding is very important. It should reflect you and your relationship, and the love and commitment you have for one another. Fresno Wedding DJs and Clovis Wedding DJs will be there to help you plan everything! Related articles I said “Yes!” (musicexpress77.wordpress.com) Wedding Guest Etiquette (musicexpress77.wordpress.com) Educating Brides […]