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Here are some more great suggestions for all of you Fresno and Clovis Brides!

Fantastic Flinds

One question many Michigan brides ask is when to choose their bridesmaid dresses. While you may want to combine the excitement of your wedding dress shopping with bridesmaid dress shopping, it’s important to not try to do too much in one day.

Choosing your wedding gown is a big job, and one that’s best done with only a few people along. If you have a lot of bridesmaids, they can often disagree on what looks best.


If you only have a few bridesmaids, you might be able to have them all come along when you choose their dresses. Of course, it’s also perfectly acceptable for you to choose the dress on your own. After all, it is your big day.

By having a separate appointment for choosing the bridesmaid dresses, you can be refreshed and ready to go. Finding your own dress can be a full day, and you won’t…

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Necessary services for your wedding

Fresno and Clovis brides here is a great blog article on the most necessary wedding services. Make sure you have all of these at your wedding.




Did you get engaged over Valentines? It’s the most common day of engagement in the country! Regardless of when the question was popped, if you have a inspiring or just unique story of how it happened, please share it in our comments! We will highlight our favorites in the coming days.

Planning a wedding, even for the most “chill” of couples, will (at some point or another) be stressful. We know this from dealing with engaged couples for several years and have come up with a little check-list of wedding services that you will want to consider! While not all couples need all of the wedding services listed below, having a solid team of professionals by your side through both the planning and the executing of the Big Day will be of tremendous help! If you and your to-be spouse are both busy professionals, establishing such a team early…

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Wedding lighting can really enhance your reception! Make it and elegant Fresno Wedding!

This is a nice example of how uplighting can really enhance the presentation of your wedding venue. Notice how the lights along the wall really make the room look elegant and add a touch of class to this venue. Music Express can add this type of lightingBelmont-Country-Club-head-table-wedding-lighting to your wedding.

Elite Entertainment | Elite Bridal

Brooke is our office manager, so of course we had to go all out for her wedding! Brooke and Wade are the sweetest couple, and we love them very much. So we wanted to make sure everything was perfect for their special day! They had their reception for 370 people at the I Hotel. It was one of the most elaborate and beautiful receptions we have ever done! We completely transformed the look and feel of the Illinois Ballroom by draping the entire room and putting amber uplights behind the drapery.

Mumm Wedding 2.2.13 032

They used a mixture of round and banquet tables which gave the room a more interesting look. It also allowed them to fit 370 people in the room without it feeling crowded at all. Their colors were gold, champagne, and ivory with accents of dark red. So they used gold chiavari chairs, ivory linens on the guest tables, champagne…

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Wedding Venues in Fresno, CA – Dante Club

English: Fresno Water Tower

English: Fresno Water Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Dante club in Fresno, CA is a traditional wedding venue! This location has a nice garden setting where you can have your ceremony, and a large indoor area for your reception.

The Dante club has excellent food, and the staff is very helpful. You should put this venue on your list of places to consider for your wedding.

If you want to be environmentally conscious, then you should think about what you might be throwing at a wedding. It should be something that does not harm animals or the environment. I thought this article has some nice tips for you Fresno and Clovis Brides.

Savannah Wedding Planners

Because many of our weddings are held outdoors, they often require environmentally safe alternatives  to rice or bird seed.  We often suggest bubbles, but many brides want something outside the box.


One easy alternative is making ribbon wands.  These are perfect for garden or beach weddings.  They are very simple to DIY.  All one needs is wooden dowels, ribbon and a hot glue gun.  If you aren’t looking to DIY, there are quite a number of Etsy stores who sell them at reasonable prices.  Ribbon wands look amazing in pictures and your guests can take them home afterward.

Another alternative is eco confetti.  There are several different types of eco confetti.  One type is made of a water soluble paper that dissolves when washed away or rained on.     A second type is made of a biodegradable paper that contains flower seeds.  You would want to check with your venue to ok the…

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Congratulations on your engagment!

This is great! I am sure there are many other brides in the Fresno and Clovis area who have said yes lately! Congratulations and we are here to help your plan your Fresno Wedding or Clovis Wedding. You will find all you wedding vendor needs right here at Fresno Weddings!



It’s official, J and I are engaged!


I still get a big, goofy smile on my face when I say that sentence. I have been in la-la land planning, dreaming the perfect wedding.

I hope to share ideas and DIY projects that we will be incorporating into our wedding.  So far, I’ve ordered a few items from Etsy.  A lovely save-the-date sign from ArmyMOMOfTwins for our engagement photo session and because her signs were just too hard to pass up I also ordered a Mr. and Mrs. sign for our reception chairs.  Check out the save-the-date sign here and the reception chair signs here.

I had a hard time deciding which projects that I wanted to make myself and which ones I would order from Etsy or have someone else do.  I finally reached a decision maker that was too hard to argue with… If it is going to…

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Wedding etiquette tips!

This seemed like a post many of you brides would like so I am sharing it with everyone who is getting married in Fresno and Clovis!

illuminate my event

I’ve been to many weddings. I’ve been a guest, I’ve been a bridesmaid and I’ve been a co-ordinator. I have seen many awkward moments that could have been avoided if guests had a little more tact. Below is a list of some things that guests can do to assist the couple in keeping calm on their wedding day as well as a few ways that couples can help this happen.

Don’t wear the same colour dress as the bridesmaids


I’ve been a bridesmaid a few times and there is something so special about wearing matching outfits that have been chosen by the bride. A lot of thought goes in to picking a colour scheme and making sure the bridal party looks good. Having guests wear the same colour dress is not only a little bit annoying, but it can detract from the special status that bridesmaids have. I once heard…

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