If you want to be environmentally conscious, then you should think about what you might be throwing at a wedding. It should be something that does not harm animals or the environment. I thought this article has some nice tips for you Fresno and Clovis Brides.

Savannah Wedding Planners

Because many of our weddings are held outdoors, they often require environmentally safe alternatives  to rice or bird seed.  We often suggest bubbles, but many brides want something outside the box.


One easy alternative is making ribbon wands.  These are perfect for garden or beach weddings.  They are very simple to DIY.  All one needs is wooden dowels, ribbon and a hot glue gun.  If you aren’t looking to DIY, there are quite a number of Etsy stores who sell them at reasonable prices.  Ribbon wands look amazing in pictures and your guests can take them home afterward.

Another alternative is eco confetti.  There are several different types of eco confetti.  One type is made of a water soluble paper that dissolves when washed away or rained on.     A second type is made of a biodegradable paper that contains flower seeds.  You would want to check with your venue to ok the…

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