Fresno Weddings and Clovis Wedding tips!

Happy couple!

Here is some really good advice for you Fresno Brides and Clovis Brides that are planning your wedding in the near future! You have to have a good plan for your wedding reception and execute it well. Use these suggestions!


Congratulations on your engagement! Weddings are often the #1 most important day in people’s lives and should be treated as the gem that they are. As your wedding celebrates the beginning of your life together with your spouse, you want it to be representative of what the relationship entails: grace, love, beauty, and high standards. Bringing friends and family together in celebration for a wedding banquet to begin your official life as a couple is the perfect way to begin a supportive marriage.

Logistically, wedding banquets need a clear color scheme that is represented everywhere from wedding invitation details, to the bridesmaid dresses, to the linen napkins at the reception tables. Popular sophisticated color schemes include: silver & gold, turquoise and silver, pink and gold, coral and white, and navy with white. Wedding banquets also need to be easily accessible to  guests (both out-of-town and locals). Breathtaking venues are ideal for wedding banquets as…

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