Weddings are beautiful in Fresno and Clovis! A great place for outdoor weddings!

Wedding planning does take a lot of time and work. Use your resources wisely. Talk to your friends who have already gotten married and listen to their advice. Look for information on reputable websites such as The Knot and WeddingWire.

Also, take a look at some reputable blogs such as “Style me pretty” or “Wedding Chicks”.

Spring is a wonderful time to have a Fresno Wedding or a Clovis Wedding.

A couple on their wedding day.

Beautiful early summer wedding in Clovis, CA

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Wedding planning tips

While we’re on topics of romance and love this week with Valentine’s Day, why not talk about weddings as well?
I know a few people planning weddings right now, and they all seem to characterize their wedding-planning experience as “stressful,” which makes me a bit sad. While I won’t say my wedding planning was without a moment of stress, I would say overall it was “fun” – much more fun than stressful.

My main wedding planning tips are these:

1. Keep it simple.
2. Do what you want.

Here’s what I recommend:

wedding venues

Start with a Vision.
Where/how do you see yourself getting married?
For some people it’s important to make their commitment in a church. Others may choose a place that’s personal or meaningful for them. We got married in a park by the lake under a big tree. Trees represent life, eternity, and family, so it made sense to…

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