The cake in this article sound wonderful, but the trend today is to skip the cake in favor of cupcakes! So to cake or not, that is the question!



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House Of Andaloo

We have slowly (and I mean very slowly) started to plan our wedding. And not knowing where to start we started with the cake! On Saturday we confirmed the funny-bride-groomcake and we are now planning the whole wedding around the cake! Or should I say around Le Gâteau since we’re getting married in Paris! So, we have a cake, the city, and a photographer! Oh and the tickets for the honeymoon! Speaking of our photographer, if you want to keep up with fashion trends in Paris you should definitely check out Violeta Purple – she is an amazing fashion blogger and photographer based in Paris and a very sweet soul! <hearts>

So, we found this amazing bakery on  Rue du Cardinal Lemoine in Paris that makes American style wedding cakes but with a French twist! Mais oui! Because let me tell you my darlings, what we all know as wedding cake in ‘Merrrica is not the…

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