Where you have been, and where you will go

AnjieDarrenReception Post2

This past October I had the opportunity to photograph a co-worker’s wedding (during my October-Wedding Fest). It was the middle event that month and I kind of am weird about the middle of things. Before anyone thinks I have a weird jinx let me explain…

If you have a strain of events, say for instance a test, more specifically the GRE; you want to start out doing really well because this sets the bar for the remainder of your exam. I’m not 100% on this analogy, but from what I remember, the better you do in the beginning, the better you do as a whole. That includes the slump that occurs in the middle of the test. You know, that part where your eyes glaze over and you’re semi reading the questions you’re answering…but then you look up and see you have one section left, so you put some…

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