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It is no secret that they average cost of a wedding is on the rise. While planning your wedding, you may want to keep in mind the average costs for items so you know how you are doing. The Knot did a major wedding survey in 2010 and found the following average costs:

2010 Average Wedding Budget Breakdown
A couple on their wedding day.

Beautiful early summer wedding in Clovis, CA

  • Overall Wedding (excluding honeymoon): $26,984
  • Ceremony Site: $1,393
  • Reception Venue: $12,124
  • Reception Band: $3,081
  • Reception DJ: $900
  • Photographer: $2,320
  • Videographer: $1,463
  • Wedding Gown: $1,099
  • Florist/Décor: $1,988
  • Invitations: $351
  • Wedding Cake: $540
  • Ceremony Musicians: $503
  • Catering (cost per head): $61
  • Wedding Day Transportation: $667
  • Favors: $222
  • Rehearsal Dinner: $1,127
  • Engagement Ring: $5,392

Now that you are aware of the costs you can plan your wedding!

Wedding Venues – Holland Park West

This is a wonderful venue. The grounds are gorgeous and it is well suited for weddings. The food was amazing everything was pleasing to the eye, and it tasted as good as it looked.

Their is one negative aspect to this wedding venue however. They are situated near homes close by to their property. Because of this, they do not allow you to turn up the music to appropriate levels. Let me tell you; I have been to well over a thousand weddings in my life, and I have never had to deal with a venue that is as ridiculous as this one when it comes to music. The volume that they expect is not enough to encourage your guests to get on the dance floor!  So, if you really love dancing, this is not the venue for you.

Everything else was spectacular.


Fresno – Wedding Venues – Belmont Country Club

This is definitely a great place to have a wedding. The staff is very friendly and attentive to your needs, the food is great, and they have a large area for dancing! What more could you as for?

The Belmont Country Club should be on your short list of venues in Fresno, CA.

Wedding Venues in Fresno – Copper River Country Club

If you want the  one of finest venues that Fresno has to offer, then you should consider the Copper River Country Club. It is a beautiful country club nestled along Friant Road close to Millerton Lake.

The entry and the grounds of the Copper River Country Club are beautiful as your approach the main clubhouse where wedding receptions are held. Typically the ceremony is held outdoors.

The food is wonderful, and you can have a great time dancing their all night!

Reception fun!

Have a great time!

This might be something that you are interested in just to give you a little help while planning your Fresno Wedding or Clovis Wedding.

Today Was a Fairy Tale

A few days ago, I was looking through the App Store on my iPhone because I wanted to see what type of wedding apps they had to offer. One thing I noticed was there was only one app I could find about wedding venues and it was called “I Do Venues.” I installed it thinking it would give a list of venues all over the United States but was disappointed to find out that all it showed was the San Francisco, California area. One of the first choices you make when you begin to plan your wedding is the venue you want to use. I know from talking with my engaged friends that it is very hard to find a venue that fits your budget and has what you want. Since it is required for my class that I write about an app that I would design for my topic…

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Very creative! These are wonderful ideas for you to announce your wedding engagement. Having fun with your wedding planning can really make it a joy!

Don’t get overwhelmed you can handle this!

Weddings by Danica

Ok, so many of you got engaged over the last two months, now what?? Well, the first thing to do is set your budget, then decide how many people you can reasonably invite that will fit in your budget, once you are armed with that knowledge then you can find a venue!! Happy wedding planning!!

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